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Cape Cod

Went to cape cod this summer. Great time. Wish I could say more about the trip, but I’m rushed to get this post up… So sad.

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Finally Back!

Yes! I’m finally back from Vacation. Strange right, that I want to be back in school. But I dont even care because I can finally get back to working on my photos and posting to my blog, which I enjoy maybe more than I should?

Any ways, I thought I’d post these landscapes, all of which have a very Misrachy (misrachness? Who knows.) feel to them, especially the child in the water.  I’m a little hesitant to post these though, cause i’m working on a different computer than i normally do, so the colors may be horrendous, but I’ll give it a shot anyways.  I feel these photos go very well together, all being towards the higher contrasty and saturated side, maybe even a little much, but eh.  If you know any of misrachs work, the style of these photos imitates it pretty well, of course the subject matter being a little different. But thats just what I think. Thanks! Ya.

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Me (DRAWN!!!)

Tiffany Li, the most amazing portrait drawer I know, did this commission of me, based off the self portrait I took last post.  She did such an amazing job.  Every time I see her work, I am speechless, because her work is just that amazing, or at least i feel that way.  I haven’t even seen the real one in person yet, I’ve only seen this scan of it.  I’m so happy with what shes done and I can’t wait to see the original.  I think she should get a word press personally cause all her stuff is at least this good.

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One final post for a week.  I’m having a friend from school draw a portrait of me over vacation, and since i dont have photoshop at home, I thought i might as well just upload them here, and just link them to her wall.  So this is me, hopefully I’ll get her drawn portrait of me up in a little.  Not sure which one I’m using yet, so thought I’d just post up both.  Edited in camera raw.  Would have like to spend a little more time on them, but i dont have that stuff.

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Best Waves I’ve Ever Seen in Madison

I’m talkin about Huricane irene.  The week before it hit,I had just got my camera, so i was so psyched to take pictures. It was so much fun running around, taking shots everywhere i looked.  It kinda felt like i was a reporter or something.  Irene wasn’t all fun though.  My whole town was out of power for over a week, and things got a bit smelly, if you know what i’m saying. I should of uploaded these a LONG time ago, but i didnt, so i’m putting’em up now.  This’ll also be my last post for a WHOLE WEEK! I’m gonna die.  I’m gonna cry.  So much badness.  I am gonna do a crap load of editing though, so I’ll hopefully get some good stuff up.  SO ya. Have a good week, especially if your on vacation, like i am. WOOT!

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A try at minimalism?

I was looking at some minimalist photos online a while ago, and i really love how they look. There so simple and clean, and they just look good.  I guess I’m not being a revolutionary or anything though, cause when I decided to give it a try, I when to the one subject every minimalist seems to shoot: The Ocean.  I gues it makes sense though cause its so vast and empty, but connects everyone together, and a ton of other stuff people always say about it.  Any ways, gave it try.  Liked it in black and white and color, so i did both.

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Hiking In Madison

Its pretty lame.  But if you know where to look, there are some super fun spots to shoot, like this small waterfall.  It ain’t much but it photographs pretty well, and its really fun to expirement with shutter speed aperature and view point.  Its called the bog iron works trail, and its part of the Madison Land trust.  I actually entered their photo contest and did really wel in it, but don’t wanna brag or anything (My friends say I’m humble… ha). Did my work in camera raw becasue photoshop gives me headaches.  I spent alot of my summer here though, wading throught the water bare foot, and just chillin, eatin my peannutbutter (speeling yay!) sandwiches and such.  Its a good time.

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Sum Macroz Fer Da Yerbook

I’m not really a fan of flower photos, but i yearbook needs some so i thought i’d just post’em up here and they can grab’em here.  I took these over the summer and the only ones i really like are the sunflower ones, which my art teacher claims is bad cause i cut the tips. But i say effit.  SO here.  I mite be getting some more up and if u want me to touch them up differently just hit me up.

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Arts Barn Bladin and Vermont

This weekend was super fun.  I went to the skatepark friday and did a buncha shooting, mostly some roller bladers.  The dud in purple is Hunter Bridge.  I skate so never loved bladers but the really sick ones are pretty fun to watch.

After that, i headed up to vermont with nate to shred the gnar at okemo.  I snowboard and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Learned a ton of new tricks, and i finally landed some 540’s.  It was just a really good time. Then there was a pretty nice sunset.  I wish i could take more snowboard shots. but it’s physically impossible for me to take photos of such an expensive sport i love to take part in. 

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The Bridge

Squeezin in one more post today cause I cant get any up on the weekend cause school n stuff.  Not sure how these’ll look cause the monitor I’m on blows but meh.  Took these over the summer, think i actually had just gotten my camera.  I was so psyched all i did was shoot for day on day etc.  etc.  I like them.  I like erry tin tho. I’ve recently fallen in love with everything by misrach, and i kinda feel like I try n mimic him presently and in the past, or at least his message of human involvement in the enviroment on a subtle way. 

I swear i just discovered split tonin today in camera raw and i’m using it on everything.  I always knew it was there but i never used it. cause i didnt get it, but now it makes sense and really has stunningly subtle effects.  I love it.  Probably gonna use it on everything from now on.