Balding Eagle

Graphic I thought of a while ago, and finally had the time to get around to finishing it.  I was going for an eagle with a topee kinda thing, thought maybe a good shirt graphic? I don’t really love the colors i used and i think i’d like to go with a more pale, desaturated palette, but eh. here ya go

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Mixed portrait

Saw this idea a while ago, and I was convinced it was easy to do, turns out it is very easy to do.  The photoquality is piss poor because I used the camera on my mac.  I really just wanted to see if it was possible/easy. it is. definitely worth trying, especially considering that if you want really good results, its not hard.  In my case, i didnt really try at all, and it still came out good.  Have fun?

Bothersome pattern…

Took a while, not because it was hard to mak or anything, I just wasn’t sure which path to take, and in the end, I took the cliche one…. I feel like I’ve seen the pattern I just made in countless places, but as I’ve learned, it’s not just the final product, it’s the act of making the art (heard that about 1000+ times in my art history class)… I guess it’s kinda true though.

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owl vector art

I started this and now that I’m done I’m a little upset because it feels really… unfinished .. not sure what else i should do… I’ll eventually go back and add something . or something..?

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Quick Pattern

Took about an hour to make.  I’ve been wanting to use the pen tool more, so this seemed like a good way to get some use out of it.  Its nothing fancy and is super cliche, but its nice to know that I made it.  Its super easy to make and is really relaxing. Just pen tool and grid, but the number of shapes you create will get out of hand so it helps to create some foulders…. I skipped that part, just flattened it and used the filler…. probs a bad idea but watever…. I wanted to get some better colors and even patterns, but the simplicity of this just seemed nice…. especially cause it was easy.. always a plus..Image

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Cosmic Owl

If you know what adventure time is, you most likely know what the Cosmic Owl is, but for those that don’t…… its way too hard to explain…. SO any ways, this is basically some fan art based off some sketches, as much as i hate the term fan art, thats basically what it is….. gah.

I dont really love the final product but it really isnt so bad either.  It was hard to stick to an illustration that had almost no connection to real life, outside of the basic animal form.  I hope you enjoy it.  The first photo is what i made, and the second is the inspiration….

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Censorship Final

This was a quick project I just finished up for my college’s (UCONN’s) art activism club (LAVA). hopefully It’ll make it into the magazine. Who knows. I like it. I wish I had gotten slightly better results on the torn edge effect, but I didn’t really try all that hard on it… I only have my self to blame.  Hope you enjoy it.  I was going to add some red splatters to it at the end, but it just didn’t look good.  Image

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Sloth Shirt Graphic

Been working on this….. thing for a few days… I’m going for that super cheesy animal shirt feel, but its not coming together all that great.  I feel like theres something missing.  Any suggestions?  I don’t want it to be too ridiculous either though.. Like I want the whole graphic to be concise with sloth.

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