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Mah Dawg

This is ma dawg.  Shes a maltese.  For lack of subjects, I take a lot of pictures of her.  I’m sure this isnt cliche or anything, but watever.  She photographs really well in black and white.  I did these a while ago so shmeh. 



I had seen this rose in the day light, right on the side of the road, and the truth is, I probably should have taken the shot then, but I didn’t.  Instead, I did a little light painting at night and this is what I got instead.  Its aight.  I DIDNT photoshop it though, cause someone thought i did.  This is how i took it. The lights are my flashlight and cars passing by, hence the name.

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Agricultural Winter

I saw this from the corner of my eye and kenw i had to take the shot.  It has such a nice story, with the tractor parked in side, surrounded by snow, the very peak of the house with a little bit of snow sticking out.  I touched it up in camera raw, trying to make the image look dark and desat, and I’m happy how it came out.  I want it to reflect the patience and hardship farmers face, but also the slow speed of both farming and winter.  If that makes any sense.  I also think it really captures the north east.

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Arts Barn Skating

You may not know this but I skateboard and snowboard.  I’m not too good at skatin but I’m pretty good at snowboarding. Any ways, I took all these shots at my local skate park, for the most part using an external flash from my school. The night shots were taken while our crew was filming a halloween edit, and the day shots during the summer and fall.  I like how they came out, and hoperfully you will too.  The skaters are Nate Stemen, the palish kid, and James Munro, the other one.  I did all my work in camera raw.  Just a side note, but doesn’t it ever feel like when editing action pictures you do whatever you want, pumping fill light and clarity higher than you ever would? thats how it always feels to me.  Makes my life a lot easier.

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Some More Night Exposures

2 nights ago, i look up to the sky, and it is just full of stars.  I have a few tests to study for but who studies anyways? so i hop into my cars and drive to a pretty cool spot i know on the water.  Anyways, using only a rubberband, an eraser, and bulb mode, i took these 2 shots, the only shots i took that night.  It was friggin cold.  I set up the shot, put on my ghetto timer, and turned my ipod to m83, as i sat there waiting for my shots to develop.  The first shot took like 7 minutes and the second took 10.  Froze my ass off. Some minor works been done in camera raw. Mostly white balance. Looked gross before.

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I was driving home some time in the fall, and it was getting dark. Fast.  I saw these houses out of the corner of my eye, and I had to get the shot.  I also knew it looked like absolute crap in color, but that could be “fixed”.  I parked in their drive way, ran up to a tree, and braced my self, slowly breathing to get a sharp image.  After 5 minutes of shooting I turn around to see a very angry looking man in a pick up truck trying to pull into his drive way. Without a word, I run into my car, and whip out of there, flooring out my car a little in the process.  The lighting was actually really great for the shot I wanted and I think it looks pretty good. Sorry if the black house looks a tad flat.  Doesnt look that way to me, but I never know with this site.


THis is a photo I call impact for good reason. Ive entered this photo into some art shows, sometimes it does quite well, other times, doesn’t even make it in.  Any ways, the story behind this photo is great.  I had the idea a while back, probably over the summer but i kind of just stored it away.  One day though, I was like screw it, I’m doing this shot. And after a week, I finally found some one willing to jump in the water. O ya, forgot to mention that the water was probably in the 50’s and this was mid fall. And we had to hike to the spot.  In the end I got the shot, but I think thats the last time Allie shoots with me. Some minor photoshop and camera raw work has been done. Image

Some Night Exposures

These are some 30 second exposures I took maybe a month ago? I love how they came out, but im still a little upset my camera only has a 30 second exposure time tops.  O well. Still came out nice.  Some super minor work has been done in camera raw and photoshop, mostly to just remove things from the sky and stuff.

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Abandoned House

My friend told me about an abandoned house a week ago, so I thought I’d check it out with him.  I thought it’d photograph amazing, but it was a little bit of a let down to be honest.  Here are my best shots, only slightly touched up in RAW.  My shots always seem to get a little bit desaturated when i load them up. Any tips?