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Allie and bryan.

puttin this up for my sister and her fiance’. they need a save the date photo, and while this is not my favorite one i took, they seem to like it, so here it is. The first is before, the second after.

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Little series i shot a while ago. i like them alot. i tried to make them as consistent as possible which was a ctually suprisingly difficult. batch processed these bad boys in camera raw today.

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A few randoms

Haven’t posted in a while again.. One of my friends, not saying any names, WILLed be into postING, basically just told me to put some stuff up… SO i am. I’ve taken all these in the past two weeks for various projects and assignments. Their all really different but still nice.  I really love the last one. I was trying to imitates Gursky’s Rhein II (the most expensive photo ever) when I shot that one and I think i got the color spot on.  Colors on this site are always a tad off. It kills me.  Like the two black and whites are beautiful selenium toned quad tones i made, but here there just grayscale. Meh. Can’t always win.I havent really cropped any of these yet, but the change would be minor, or just cropped to square.  SO ya. Really cool news for my photo career. A while ago i won a highschool level statewide show, which was really nice. I also just interned at the images show, judging. And finally, but not least at all, i just got a job at a photostudio, which is hopefully the start of a life of jobs in photography.


Been what? a month since my last post? i really havent had time to post cause school and work, and photo work only takes me like, 3 hours per photo, cause im a perfectionist and i know too much for my own good,,,,, but here goes. Love this shot. did a ton of work with this subject.  Came out nice. Did almost nothing to this one. just touched up the exposure, whitebalanced, cropped a sliver, and color balanced. might have been workin in 16 bit with adobe rgb, so not so sure how the results look uploaded.. Eh…Image

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