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Me (DRAWN!!!)

Tiffany Li, the most amazing portrait drawer I know, did this commission of me, based off the self portrait I took last post.  She did such an amazing job.  Every time I see her work, I am speechless, because her work is just that amazing, or at least i feel that way.  I haven’t even seen the real one in person yet, I’ve only seen this scan of it.  I’m so happy with what shes done and I can’t wait to see the original.  I think she should get a word press personally cause all her stuff is at least this good.

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One final post for a week.  I’m having a friend from school draw a portrait of me over vacation, and since i dont have photoshop at home, I thought i might as well just upload them here, and just link them to her wall.  So this is me, hopefully I’ll get her drawn portrait of me up in a little.  Not sure which one I’m using yet, so thought I’d just post up both.  Edited in camera raw.  Would have like to spend a little more time on them, but i dont have that stuff.

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Best Waves I’ve Ever Seen in Madison

I’m talkin about Huricane irene.  The week before it hit,I had just got my camera, so i was so psyched to take pictures. It was so much fun running around, taking shots everywhere i looked.  It kinda felt like i was a reporter or something.  Irene wasn’t all fun though.  My whole town was out of power for over a week, and things got a bit smelly, if you know what i’m saying. I should of uploaded these a LONG time ago, but i didnt, so i’m putting’em up now.  This’ll also be my last post for a WHOLE WEEK! I’m gonna die.  I’m gonna cry.  So much badness.  I am gonna do a crap load of editing though, so I’ll hopefully get some good stuff up.  SO ya. Have a good week, especially if your on vacation, like i am. WOOT!

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I love this. Took this on my digital camera a while back and almost deleted it because it looked like crap in color, but its truly stunning in B&W or at least i think so.  It simply a mom and son on a park bench, looking out at the playground, but it has so much more to say.  There body language differs so much, and i love how the boy is suspended and care free, while the mom is grounded and up tight.  Hopefully it looks as nice on your monitor as it does on mine, because contrast, darks and lights being kept the same r really important for this shot.  Edited only in camera raw. Entered it in a contest and didnt even get in! Guess its all in the eye.

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Abandonned Ship

THe first upload of hurricane irene.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get more up soon.


I was driving home some time in the fall, and it was getting dark. Fast.  I saw these houses out of the corner of my eye, and I had to get the shot.  I also knew it looked like absolute crap in color, but that could be “fixed”.  I parked in their drive way, ran up to a tree, and braced my self, slowly breathing to get a sharp image.  After 5 minutes of shooting I turn around to see a very angry looking man in a pick up truck trying to pull into his drive way. Without a word, I run into my car, and whip out of there, flooring out my car a little in the process.  The lighting was actually really great for the shot I wanted and I think it looks pretty good. Sorry if the black house looks a tad flat.  Doesnt look that way to me, but I never know with this site.