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Some More Blading at the Arts Barn

Took some more shots down at the arts barn of them bladerz. It was actually on and off snowing when i took these, which is pretty strange. It was a really good time, some pretty cool tricks were landed, and I tried blading for the first time, which was actually a little bit of a success. Mite just buy a pair. I chop hands everyday. ITs a problem

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Arts Barn Bladin and Vermont

This weekend was super fun.  I went to the skatepark friday and did a buncha shooting, mostly some roller bladers.  The dud in purple is Hunter Bridge.  I skate so never loved bladers but the really sick ones are pretty fun to watch.

After that, i headed up to vermont with nate to shred the gnar at okemo.  I snowboard and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Learned a ton of new tricks, and i finally landed some 540’s.  It was just a really good time. Then there was a pretty nice sunset.  I wish i could take more snowboard shots. but it’s physically impossible for me to take photos of such an expensive sport i love to take part in. 

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Arts Barn Skating

You may not know this but I skateboard and snowboard.  I’m not too good at skatin but I’m pretty good at snowboarding. Any ways, I took all these shots at my local skate park, for the most part using an external flash from my school. The night shots were taken while our crew was filming a halloween edit, and the day shots during the summer and fall.  I like how they came out, and hoperfully you will too.  The skaters are Nate Stemen, the palish kid, and James Munro, the other one.  I did all my work in camera raw.  Just a side note, but doesn’t it ever feel like when editing action pictures you do whatever you want, pumping fill light and clarity higher than you ever would? thats how it always feels to me.  Makes my life a lot easier.

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