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Skate Dont Hate

Shot some shots at the arts barn recently. Havent really been able to post as much as I’d like lately, but thank god its getting nice out, so hopefully my posts will pick up with the weather. To be honest, I’m  alittle sick of shooting just skateboarding, but its hard for me to shoot much else, since i go to the park almost every day….

ANY WAYS, the one shot where nates doing a back board and my friends taking a photo of him is pretty neat-o cause my friend was using a flash, and i happend to catch his flash on my camera, which i think is pretty crazy, considering a flash is about 1/700th of a second, if not faster… so ya.

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Took these shots about a week ago around some abandonned houses. I love how they were completely different houses but still wree so similiar.  I touched them up in camera raw… not really sure if i did a great job, but they look pretty good i think… I tried playing around with some adjustment brushes on both of them.  BUT ON A SIDE NOTE I HATE WORKING WITH THE COLOR RED!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT! anyways, hope you like them.

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Best Day Ever!

That grea moment when you find one of your favorite photos ever, in the deep and dangerous cavern the computer is. The strange moment when you dont recall even taking the photo. I remeber the day. I was on a date with allie down at hamonasset, and we were takin some shots together… What I dont remeber is taking this specific photo, which is strange to me because its probably one of my favorite photos ever now that i found it. The body language of the fisherman, and the beautiful sunset are just amazing i think. Gives me hope that maybe I will become a photographer on the professional level some day… A really great day, but best day ever? might have exaggerated there a little.

I touched this up using only camera raw for now because i have a lot of other work i gotta do, but hopefully i can go into photoshop sometime and perfect this beauty some time.  

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Soccer Ballin

My friend craig playing soccer. Put some selective focus and stuff on it in photoshop. Makes me wish the weather was nice enoug again to go outside and just not freeze my ass off..Image

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Tractor I snapped a photo of over the fall.  Tried to go for as formal a compostition as possible on this one. I feel like this picture along with my other pictures on agriculture (Should probably catergorize those….) really capture the mood of farming in the northeast… or at least that was my goal. I’ve done much more extensive work on the matter using film at my schools dark room… I actually enjoy film a lot more, but eh. Why cant they just create a black and white camera? Right?

Not sure if i nailed the post processing, but it was pretty hard to get the white balance right for this one. Did my work in camera raw. Its the love of my life. Like seriously. Camera raw and I mite just get married and have childern. Not really… but kinda.

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So this is one of my good firends.  Had to do some editing to this in photoshop which is pretty uncommon for me to do.  I like it. Pretty upset though, because my camera just recently broke so I’m waiting on my lens to get fixed for a little. Probs be up with new stuff in a week or two.  Image

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Some More Blading at the Arts Barn

Took some more shots down at the arts barn of them bladerz. It was actually on and off snowing when i took these, which is pretty strange. It was a really good time, some pretty cool tricks were landed, and I tried blading for the first time, which was actually a little bit of a success. Mite just buy a pair. I chop hands everyday. ITs a problem

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Bad Ass Parking Job

Pretty much sums it up. Some times I get angry at the American parking system, but I would never take matters into my own hands. This guy however, took that step.