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Censorship Final

This was a quick project I just finished up for my college’s (UCONN’s) art activism club (LAVA). hopefully It’ll make it into the magazine. Who knows. I like it. I wish I had gotten slightly better results on the torn edge effect, but I didn’t really try all that hard on it… I only have my self to blame.  Hope you enjoy it.  I was going to add some red splatters to it at the end, but it just didn’t look good.  Image

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These are some portraits of my papoo i took the other day with flash in his garage. Hes always been really mechanical and he loves building, so i thought taking the shots in his garage with all his tools would be a nice setting.  The great part about flash and black and white is that the color casts of the flash and all the ugly colors get washed out and all that matters is the lighting and the tone.  I like how these came out. Didnt really do too much editing, just banged them both out in like 10 minutes each, which is minimal for me. There kinda dark, but its whatever.  Any ways, I’ve been sooooo  busy lately with my school art show and what not, so i havent been up on da web, but i finally am back so… ya.

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Hiking In Madison

Its pretty lame.  But if you know where to look, there are some super fun spots to shoot, like this small waterfall.  It ain’t much but it photographs pretty well, and its really fun to expirement with shutter speed aperature and view point.  Its called the bog iron works trail, and its part of the Madison Land trust.  I actually entered their photo contest and did really wel in it, but don’t wanna brag or anything (My friends say I’m humble… ha). Did my work in camera raw becasue photoshop gives me headaches.  I spent alot of my summer here though, wading throught the water bare foot, and just chillin, eatin my peannutbutter (speeling yay!) sandwiches and such.  Its a good time.

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I love this. Took this on my digital camera a while back and almost deleted it because it looked like crap in color, but its truly stunning in B&W or at least i think so.  It simply a mom and son on a park bench, looking out at the playground, but it has so much more to say.  There body language differs so much, and i love how the boy is suspended and care free, while the mom is grounded and up tight.  Hopefully it looks as nice on your monitor as it does on mine, because contrast, darks and lights being kept the same r really important for this shot.  Edited only in camera raw. Entered it in a contest and didnt even get in! Guess its all in the eye.

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