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Cosmic Owl

If you know what adventure time is, you most likely know what the Cosmic Owl is, but for those that don’t…… its way too hard to explain…. SO any ways, this is basically some fan art based off some sketches, as much as i hate the term fan art, thats basically what it is….. gah.

I dont really love the final product but it really isnt so bad either.  It was hard to stick to an illustration that had almost no connection to real life, outside of the basic animal form.  I hope you enjoy it.  The first photo is what i made, and the second is the inspiration….

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Some More Night Exposures

2 nights ago, i look up to the sky, and it is just full of stars.  I have a few tests to study for but who studies anyways? so i hop into my cars and drive to a pretty cool spot i know on the water.  Anyways, using only a rubberband, an eraser, and bulb mode, i took these 2 shots, the only shots i took that night.  It was friggin cold.  I set up the shot, put on my ghetto timer, and turned my ipod to m83, as i sat there waiting for my shots to develop.  The first shot took like 7 minutes and the second took 10.  Froze my ass off. Some minor works been done in camera raw. Mostly white balance. Looked gross before.

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