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Cosmic Owl

If you know what adventure time is, you most likely know what the Cosmic Owl is, but for those that don’t…… its way too hard to explain…. SO any ways, this is basically some fan art based off some sketches, as much as i hate the term fan art, thats basically what it is….. gah.

I dont really love the final product but it really isnt so bad either.  It was hard to stick to an illustration that had almost no connection to real life, outside of the basic animal form.  I hope you enjoy it.  The first photo is what i made, and the second is the inspiration….

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Censorship Final

This was a quick project I just finished up for my college’s (UCONN’s) art activism club (LAVA). hopefully It’ll make it into the magazine. Who knows. I like it. I wish I had gotten slightly better results on the torn edge effect, but I didn’t really try all that hard on it… I only have my self to blame.  Hope you enjoy it.  I was going to add some red splatters to it at the end, but it just didn’t look good.  Image

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Can’t beat a lazer wulv. They gonna find you and zap u n shit. so u best watch out…. Anyways, made this in photoshop. I really like it. like its fckn awesome, its that bad ass…. I should probably throw a watermark on it but im way too lazy to make one and stuff… i feel like if i threw this on a shirt i could make some money. but thats not gonna happen. I really love making composites like this. they dont take me long, and they look really good in the end i think…. Until next time, im out… with a wulfImage

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Self Portrait Composite

Self Portrait Composite

Composite i made today. Not really all that special, took like 2 hours. Was a lot of fun to make it.

haven’t posted in like forever…. eh. I’m lazy… and my cameras broken… and having a lot of trouble developing a roll of film.

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